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Students who graduate from Chatham Christian School:

1. Should be equipped with a quality education which provides them with the

    tools necessary to function effectively in society.

- should possess excellent numeracy, literacy and communication skills

- be equipped with a well-rounded education

- prepared for workplace, college or university destinations


2.   Should demonstrate a Christian Mind.

- thinks Christianly about issues we face in society

- shows respect for God and creation

- critically analyzes social and cultural norms and values

- develops good questions

- is able to interpret various forms of media and communication

- demonstrates wisdom and discernment when faced with the many ideas and values that our society promotes


3. Should demonstrate a desire to promote justice in all areas of life.

- have compassion for oppressed and disadvantaged

- show respect for other people and cultures

- possess a willingness to serve others

- have an awareness of societal structures that hinder justice

- have an awareness of current global issues

- demonstrate stewardship, such as a respect for creation and the resources we have been given


4. Should have an appreciation for personal gifts and talents and a developing

    sense of how God is calling them to use their gifts.

- able to discern God’s will for their lives

- committed to discerning and developing their gifts

- committed to serving others with their gifts

- recognize that their personal value comes from being an image-bearer of God

- have a knowledge of their place in spiritual warfare


5. Should demonstrate growth in Christian maturity.

- pursue an active relationship with God

- demonstrate awe and wonder for God and his creation

- are both passionate and bold in expressing their faith

- make decisions that are consistent with their confession


6. Should demonstrate Christian character in everything that they do by


- honesty

- kindness and compassion

- contentment

- joy

- confidence

- leadership

- healthy lifestyle

- desire for life-long learning




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