School Life


The Fine Arts program at Chatham Christian is a valuable element of the overall school experience as it provides a balance to academic courses while developing creative talents. Through participation in the visual and performing arts, students can showcase their God-given musical, dramatic and artitistic talents.

The elementary school provides every student the opportunity to sing in a choir. Grade 6-8 students participate in band twice a week. The high school offers both choir and band courses for credit. These bands and choirs perform at school events in the winter and spring and throughout the Chatham Kent at a variety of public events. They also perform annually in the Kiwanis Music Festival and have received high marks and a number of prestigious awards over the years.

The elementary school provides opportunities for students to share their art annually through a travelling art show. They have also done a number of musicals over the years.

The High School puts on a play or musical every year. Past performances have included Anne of Green Gables, Scrooge, A Midsummer Night's Dream, I Never Saw Another Butterfly, and many others. 

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