Chatham Christian School (CCS) uses the Ontario ministry of education’s guidelines for curriculum scope and sequence but the specific content may differ. This means that CCS follows the overarching guidelines but not necessarily for each specific lesson. We work in conjunction with Edvance Christian Schools, Christian Schools International as well as curriculum from publishing companies to provide quality curriculum in each subject area. We strive to meet, or exceed, the ministry standard; however, in areas that relate to societal norms and practices, CCS teaches from a distinctly Biblical perspective. 

CCS is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, and our high school is inspected on a bi-annual basis by the Ministry. Our students follow the curriculum mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Education, which is uniquely filtered through a Christian worldview. Students graduating from the high school receive the province’s Ontario Secondary School Diploma. In addition, all high school students take two Bible courses as well as selections from Our World and Our Society course groups, leading to the CCHS diploma.