Principals Message

Ken VanMinnen

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between schools, or if there even is a difference? Really, aren’t they all just the same? You have school choice in Ontario – public school, Catholic school (public), homeschooling and independent faith-based schooling like Chatham Christian. We would say all schools are not created equal! Two key components make great schools: the vision and the people


Our vision is to provide vibrant and dynamic educational experiences for each student for God’s glory. This vision is pretty straightforward and could even be said more simply. God calls us to provide a great school day for all students multiplied by 190 days. This is why we exist.  It’s pretty easy, our school does not exist to employ teachers, make money or create a name for ourselves. The school is Christ-centred and student focused, and that makes all the difference in the world!


Our school is not a factory. Our school is not a prison. Our school is not designed for adults. Our school is not stuck in 1990. Our school is not part of the public bureaucracy. Our school is not  neutral philosophically. Our school is not a collection of individuals.


Our school is unique for each student. Our school trusts students and builds capacity in them. Our school is designed for students. Our school is progressive in its practices for students. Our school is independent which allows us to be nimble and creative for students. Our school understands teacher to student relationships are powerful. Our school is a community.


Without the right people in the right spots, our school would be dysfunctional and unable to carry out our vision. Thankfully we have staff members who take their role seriously but also joyfully! We have the opportunity to work with students every day and be a significant part of their growth – academically, spiritually, emotionally – which is a blessing!


Our staff members have thought out what vibrancy looks like for their classroom. Our staff members have designed learning experiences to reach all students. We will continue to have staff grow in this area and hire staff members with this philosophy.

Our community is supportive as we partner together in their children’s education. Our community is diverse but we are united in our commitment to this vision. Our community has a direct impact on how the school operates and as it sets its future direction.

 I invite you to come take a tour of the school and discover the difference vision and people make in the lives of students!

Ken VanMinnen